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Bridging Body, Mind, Spirit in Black Women's Health

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Our Services

Space Supernova
Solar Eclipse

At Black Dot Institute, we offer a unique blend of services designed to empower, uplift, and connect Black women to their ancestral roots. Drawing from age-old wisdom and modern practices, our offerings are crafted to enhance intuition, harness inner power, and guide individuals on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth.


From intimate wisdom circles to personalized intuitive guidance sessions, and immersive ancestral connection retreats, we provide a holistic approach to self-mastery and empowerment. Dive deep, connect, and transcend with us.

What We Offer

Thank you for sharing your intuitive gifts!! I left my session feeling much lighter and like I had clear direction from spirit. You touched on so many things that I have been working through privately and facilitated a divine connection with those who have left us in the physical realm. This reading led me to a spiritual fast, allowing me to detoxify and reset my full self to move forward with VIGOR! Full body, mind and spirit reset. Thank you SOUL much ❤

Breonna R. who participated in an in-personal management session

Additional Services

These organizations are subsidiaries that syngerize the foundation of BDI into transformational change-making for Black women and organizations seeking to address root causes.


Center for African American Health Disparities Educatin and Research (CAAHDER)

CAAHDER is committed to conducting innovative and synergistic research to address Black women's health and mentoring the next generation of Black women health professionals who understand how to lift our voices in self-care, health agency, and self-advocacy.


Akila Ka Ma'at Agency

AKMA is dedicated to addressing structural inequities by developing a deep understanding of the complexities associated with internalized white dominance, and intergenerational white racial trauma. AKMA solutions overcome dichotomies of differences.

Power Prophet Logo

Power Prophet 
Metaphysical Advisor

(not a subsidiary)

Dr. Ma'at as the Power Prophet provides metaphysical and spiritual guidance and advice, and integrative life coaching online and in person. Dr. Ma'at inspires, motivates, and affirms Black women and helps them strategize how to manifest their authentic life journey.

Space Supernova


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