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Black Dot Institute

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Our Services

At Black Dot Institute, we offer a unique blend of services designed to empower, uplift, and connect Black women to their ancestral roots. Drawing from age-old wisdom and modern practices, our offerings are crafted to enhance intuition, harness inner power, and guide individuals on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth.


From intimate wisdom circles to personalized intuitive guidance sessions, and immersive ancestral connection retreats, we provide a holistic approach to self-mastery and empowerment. Dive deep, connect, and transcend with us.

Join BDI's Black Tarot private page on Facebook for access to resources, like-minded individuals, and live readings on Sundays 10-11am.

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What We


Transcendental Conflict Counseling

In Trancendent Conflict Counseling (TCC) is BDI's approach to managing life challenges. Black women are provided culturally relevant intuitive guidance in realizing and manifesting  a deeper connection with the inner-self, growing personal power, and manifesting a life of critical discernment and peace . 


BDI's fees use a sliding scale.

Contact for personalized fee. and make an appointment today. 


Elevation: Radiant Pathways - A Transformative Retreat for Black Women

Embark on a soul-nourishing journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Join us in the embrace of sisterhood for a luminous spiritual retreat crafted exclusively for Black women. Navigate the depths of self-awareness, ignite your inner power, and learn to weave the threads of your dreams into reality. Through guided meditation, empowering workshops, and heartfelt conversations, unlock the wisdom within you and step into your full potential. Together, we'll create an oasis of inspiration where dreams take flight, and where you emerge with the tools to manifest the life you've always envisioned.

Contact us for more information.


Wisdom Circles

Wisdom Circles are in-person or virtual gatherings where Black women come together to share, listen, and learn. Within the safety of these circles, stories of trials and triumphs are shared, lessons are gleaned, and a collective wisdom emerges. It's a space of power, where experiences are validated, voices are amplified, and sisterhood is strengthened. 

Stay Tuned for Schedule


Power Prophet Podcast

Tune into the Power Prophet Podcast (@power_prophet tiktok), where ancient wisdom meets contemporary insights. Each episode delves deep into topics that resonate with the Black woman's experience, drawing parallels between intuitive knowing and modern-day challenges.


The podcast seeks to inspire, enlighten, and motivate listeners to harness their intrinsic power and shape their destinies.

Stay Tuned for Schedule

Thank you for my reading and sharing your intuitive gifts!! I left my reading feeling much lighter and like I had clear direction from spirit. You touched on so many things that I have been working through privately and facilitated a divine connection with those who have left us in the physical realm. This reading led me to a spiritual fast, allowing me to detoxify and reset my full self to move forward with VIGOR! Full body, mind and spirit reset. Thank you SOUL much ❤

Breonna Riddick who participated in an in-personal management session

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