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Dr. Akila Ka Ma'at is the Power Prophet, whose intuitive practice transcends place, and what we see, hear, and think. Dr. Ma'at is a Hekoya Empath who tunes into emotions, energy, ancestral wisdom, and her own highly perceptive intuition to offer conflict management, counseling, advice, and coaching that drives long-term self-discovery and activates life transformation, personal power, and manifestation in Black women's lives.  

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Grow Your Self-Vision

Dr. Ma'at has been using her higher gifts and talents to more than 30 years.

Dr. Akila Ka Ma'at
Power Prophet

For more than 30 years, Dr. Akila Ka Ma’at is a highly sought-after seer, healer, and intuitive counselor. Dr. Ma’at spent her the first portion of her life as a professional dancer who traveled the world. After this, she attained a Ph.D. in health communication and social science and is a certified health coach and tarot master. As a young child named Jennifer R. Warren, she learned and practiced the art of psychic knowing, seeing, healing, and reading playing cards intuitively with her mother whose ancestors were Native American.


But as a child, Jennifer was exposed to a highly dysfunctional family, which enabled years of debilitating self-criticism and low self-esteem. She had no knowledge of herself or belief in her capacity to control life events in self-fulfilling ways. In looking for something to bring her peace and personal power, Jennifer discovered Melanin Consciouness. Subsequently, she transitioned into Akila Ka Ma’at, which signifies life poured into souls enabling action in a balanced and harmonious manner. That is what Dr. Akila Ka Ma’at does in her sessions – gives life and enables action by enhancing clients’ capacity for personal power, self-discovery, self-growth, life manifestation, and self-fulfillment (PSSLS).


Melanin consciousness is an ancient African philosophical and spiritual belief system that recognizes and celebrates the inherent spiritual power of melanin, which we all have to varying degrees. Through her practice of Melanin Metaphysics, Dr. Ma’at discovered her ‘real self’ as a divine energy with powers to claim and manifest life in ways that align with her authentic self.


As the foundation for her work with clients, Melanin Consciouness grounds Dr. Ma’at in a deep knowing that 1) the Cosmos is created and operated by orderly Spiritual Laws (e.g., divine oneness, vibration, creativity, circularity or reversibility, inspired action, perpetual transmutation of energy, cause and effect, rhythm), 2) we are energetically the Cosmos and therefore to everything we see and that which we cannot; 3) when we operate in life as our ‘authentic self,’ we are endowed with the capacity to comprehend these laws; and 4) that allow us to discern, extract, arrange/rearrange, combine/recombine the energies or spiritual elements sustaining the Cosmos into creative patterns that manifest a harmonized, united, and workable end product.


In this tradition, Dr. Ma’at is led by her cosmic connection to collective energies and her spiritual guides and ancestors to discern via energy readings, tarot, playing, or oracles cards personal circumstances and patterns that call forth opportunities (i.e., peace) and challenges (i.e., chaos) for PSSL. In moving clients toward PSSLS, Dr. Ma’at employs various mind, body, emotion, and spirit collective capturing techniques depending on the client’s needs, setting, and time allowed. These techniques include creative movement, playing games from childhood, testimonies and spoken word, self-reflection, guided visualization, positive affirmations, goal setting and strategies/plans for achieving, guidance on self-fulfilling prophecy, positivity mindset activities, and manifestation techniques.


Dr. Ma’at also teaches the importance of an ancestral altar as a gateway to communicating with the spirit and how to set one up and hear and document messages from the spiritual realm. Nature is a central element of her counseling. Thus, Dr. Ma’at provides therapeutic remedies and rituals that involve playing with, being in, growing, and appreciating the energies of the earth, trees, plants, animals/insects, natural sounds, and the ocean to seek balance, healing, and powering up.


Dr. Akila Ka Ma’at has helped numerous clients navigate personal and professional challenges, and many attest to the transformative impact of her unique approach to psychic counseling. She continues to practice, offering individual and group sessions in person or virtually. Dr. Ma’at is committed to fostering clients' capacities for personal power, self-discovery, self-growth, life manifestation, and self-fulfillment founded upon the principles of the intuitive powers inherent in Melanin Consciousness.

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