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American Bodies are the Commodity: Disease and Death

Health systems should be evaluated on how many diseases and deaths are prevented as opposed to the quality of their services and satisfaction of their patients. In order for hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to survive is to ensure there are sick people to treat. The medicines we take all have side effects that after prolong use will make an individual even more sick. We hear this through drug companies commercials on television. They equate risking your life by taking a deadly pill to happiness, family and taking long rides with you arms up in the air. People fall for this and the deadly risks outweigh the fun and vanity of being that perfect person. Hospitals need these people to get sick. And, then we have the big money makers, cancer, diabetes, and dialysis. Those are big business even if they are built on disease and death.

Chemotherapy is more deadly than just having cancer and keeps the pockets of the therapy clinics filled if you think of the thousands of people on chemotherapy, 650,00 each year ( And depending on which part of the body a person has cancer, radiation treatment is available with its sordid side effects that can keep you sick, without sex, and childless ( But then there are drugs to ease the sickness (with side effects), there pills to simulate the libido (with side effects) and there are fertility treatments to help you conceive (many with side effects). Diabetes, one of the worst diseases in history, has so many complications that a person can continue going back and forth to the hospital for years. But they end up on dialysis. If you take a look around dialysis centers are popping up everywhere. People can stay on dialysis for years before obtaining a kidney or dying. And, they say kidney disease is the silent killer. There are labs to check kidney function that are drawn up when we go for a regular blood and urine test. The insulin manufacturers and companies are designing new and better ways to hide the disease through marketing more and more discreet ways to inject yourself with a pen and check your A1C levels with a device stuck on your body tied to your cell phone. What?!? These companies are making billions of dollars. And, the worst part of diabetes is that there are 88 million people with pre-diabetes (run with regular lab work) and their physician doesn't even tell them ( This puts people at risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke ( More disease and death. And, then we have hospice, the place we go to die slowly. When these death homes starting popping up I was amazed. Now someone thought of how to make money off death. What about prevention and holistic remedies that actually work.

In England physicians don't get paid to take care of sick people. They get paid based on prevention - how many people are illness and disease free. Now that's something to think about. Our whole health system in American is upside down. American bodies are the commodity, the product being bought and sold by health systems and pharmaceutical companies all day and night. How about a new system of evaluation based on prevention? It sure would not go over well in America. The lobbyist would go crazy. The politicians would have heart attacks because our health systems (, hospices ( and definitely pharmaceutical are traded publicly on the stock market. They all have boards of directors who must also get a cut.

So, let's start thinking about being a commodity for health systems and drug companies. They are using us to fill their pockets. It doesn't feel good to know that they are getting rich while you suffer with disease and or are waiting to die. Our evaluation of these institutions must change and change radically.

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