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Let's End Health Disparities

Center for African-American
Health Disparities
Education & Research

Internationally Awarded Research Nonprofit

Capture the Logic of CAAHDER

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One of the few research think tanks and mentoring organizations owned and operateed by a Black woman.

The CAAHDER Approach

Founder/CEO, Dr. Akila Ka Ma'at is a Health Communication Scientist who is an expert in community participatory engagement and African American health. Dr. Ma'at excels in applying health communication theories and integrating community voices and testimonies in developing messages, designing and delivering content via digital tools, interventions, implementation strategies/processes, and evaluation in Black women's health promotion.

  1. Effective health communication is critical to communicating with diverse Black women, their communities, health providers, and policymakers about maternal and perinatal health to reduce disparities.

  2. Participatory research communicates a sociopolitical consciousness of inequities and solutions through the inclusion of Black women's voices and testimonies in outreach and in program design and delivery.

  3. Healing engagement is an asset-driven approach used to engage partners, collaborators, and organizations with optimism and the hope that linkages among partners will offer a health-engaged safety net to keep communities of Black mothers from harm.


Gold Accessories

Black Women. Speak & Live Your Dreams

Due to the overwhelming influx and success of incredibly talented Black women as mentioned above, we've formalized an UNMISSABLE mentoring program!

Why? Because the world has done a disservice by perpetuating epistemic injustice in higher education, making our brilliant Black women faculty and students feel unseen and unheard. This program *loudly and proudly* counteracts the systemic racism and challenges faced by pioneers like Dr. Warren!

Black women in undergraduate, Master's, and Ph.D. tracks! If you're keen on research (and health promotion), this is the GOLDEN opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

 CAAHDER’s Mentorship Program offers:

- One-on-one weekly mentoring
- Tailored research paths aligned with action & advocacy

- Hands-on experience in research & health promotion

- A continuous boost of your intellectual prowess & self-worth

- Expert-guided tools & strategies for authentic self-discovery in research

- Networking opportunities with diverse researchers

- Exposure to interdisciplinary teams & community involvement

- Training in public speaking and interviews (with modern & traditional methods)

- Opportunities for conference submissions and co-authoring 


Most importantly, we acknowledge and address the isolating challenges faced by first-gen Black women and those aspiring to be researchers. With Dr. Ma'at leading the charge, feel embraced, empowered, and elevated - her supernatural powers. 


Please email for more info.

CAAHDER stands for mentoring EXCELLENCE!


Let's transform the world TOGETHER! 

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