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Akila Ka Ma'at Agency
Solutions for Root Causes of Inequity

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Addressing Root Causes

Choosing AKMA means you are ready to deconstruct social identities and reenvision who you are and humanity in transformational change-making

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The Akila Ka Ma'at Agency (AKMA) is founded on two decades of research conducted by Dr. Ma'at, her personal experience with diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts and programs across four major research universities.


AKMA is dedicated to addressing the root causes of systemic inequities by facilitating a deep understanding of 'social identities' and the 'enactment of social identities' constituted by dichotomous reasoning, intergenerational racial trauma, and appropriated dominance and inferiority (i.e., appropriated racism).


Identities, dichotomies of difference, intergenerational racial trauma, and appropriated racism (IDIA) create patterns repeated across time and space that shape our environments, policies, cognition, communication, and behavior.  AKMA recognizes the significant role that IDIA plays in perpetuating inequities through the burdens of histories and racism we carry and pass along, knowingly or unknowingly.


AKMA's IDIA framework revolutionizes diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) approaches that are based on dichotomous reasoning that foundationally centers people's differences in strategies to create welcoming and supportive environments that ensure they can perform to the fullest of their abilities. However, the dichotomy of them/us resonates within DEI efforts, and racial trauma and appropriated racism are othered.


IDIA is designed to build a critical consciousness of individual authenticity while acknowledging our held-in-common and collective humanity as we are all harmed by and enact the social constructs that perpetuate structural, systemic, and institutional racism, prejudice, and bias.


AKMA collaborates with clients of all backgrounds in a thorough deconstruction and analysis of IDIA and its influence on environments, policies, cognition, communication, and behavior.  AKMA uses these data to strategize organizational policies and practices for sustainable solutions that honor, reflect consideration for, and respect our individual, held-in-common, and collective humanity. 

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