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Bridging Body, Mind, Spirit in Black Women's Health

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Black Dot Power

The Black Dot Institute is named after the black dot symbol, which represents the spiritual gateway to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. Just as the black dot is a gateway, our institute is a gateway to awakening, spiritual enlightenment, self-discovery, holistic wellness, and personal power. Personal power is manifested in self-control, authenticity, and the capacity to inspire and positively impact others, leading to both individual fulfillment and communal benefit.

Black Dot Institute
Dr. Akila-Ka Ma'at
(also publishes as Jennifer R. Warren)

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Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Akila-Ka Ma’at, hailing from Trenton, NJ, exemplifies resilience and dedication, having ascended to the academic summit with a Ph.D. from a distinguished university despite facing the pervasive challenges of institutional racism and microaggressions. Throughout her two-decade academic journey, she was routinely underestimated and marginalized, a testament to the prejudices embedded within academia that often saw her overlooked in favor of less qualified peers. The persistent struggle led to a sabbatical, where Dr. Ma’at delved into metaphysical and African spiritual practices, rejuvenating her spirit and igniting a renewed sense of purpose.


She emerged to establish the Black Dot Institute (BDI), a spiritual enlightenment and wellness initiative designed to empower Black women to recognize and harness their inherent strength. Incorporating ancient spiritual philosophies with modern therapeutic practices, Dr. Ma’at cultivated a sanctuary for healing, growth, and empowerment, focusing on the untapped beauty and potential within Black womanhood.


Dr. Ma’at's journey includes a transformation into a renowned seer, healer, and intuitive counselor (aka Power Prophet), leveraging her metaphysical abilities honed since childhood. Her practice seeks to build other's personal power to claim and manifest life aligned with their authentic selves. Employing a variety of techniques, from creative movement to ancestral communication, she facilitates self-actualization, spiritual growth, and harmony with nature. It is her goal that the foundation of BDI and her personal experiences synergize within research and consulting subsidiaries.             


Her leadership extends to her role as CEO/Executive Director and Principal Investigator of CAAHDER, founded in 2017, and the Akila Ka Ma'at Agency, where her advocacy and commitment to nurturing the capacities within individuals, communities, and organizations shine. Despite advice to the contrary, she focused her research on Black American experiences, earning her widespread recognition and international acclaim for CAAHDER's significant contributions to the scientific community.


With more than 30 publications, 70 scientific presentations, and several successful mentees to her name, Dr. Ma’at's influence spans the realms of health professions education, fostering a diverse graduate pipeline as evidenced by a National Science Foundation report in 2021. Her work at CAAHDER has been pivotal in highlighting diverse Black Americans' health as a distinct scientific field, requiring a blend of scientific acumen and creative problem-solving to address the chronic health disparities rooted in the legacy of chattel slavery.


Dr. Ma’at's extraordinary life story is one of transcending barriers, embodying transformational leadership, and committing to the upliftment and enlightenment of those navigating personal and systemic adversities. Her holistic approach to well-being and leadership continues to transform lives and carve paths for future generations.

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