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Black Dot Institute

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Black Dot Power

The Black Dot Institute is named after the black dot symbol, which represents the spiritual gateway to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. Just as the black dot is a gateway, our institute is a gateway to awakening, spiritual enlightenment, self-discovery, holistic wellness, and personal power.


Personal power is the ability one possesses to influence or direct the course of their own life and decisions without external coercion. It stems from a deep sense of self-awareness, confidence, and the capacity to make choices that align with one's core values and beliefs. Rather than relying on external authority, titles, or manipulation, Black women with personal power draw from their inner resources, resilience, and self-efficacy. This type of power is manifested in self-control, authenticity, and the capacity to inspire and positively impact others, leading to both individual fulfillment and communal benefit.

Founder Dr. Akila-Ka Ma'at (aka Power Prophet)

Born in Trenton, NJ, Dr. Akila-Ka Ma’at achieved what many believed was impossible – a Ph.D. from a prestigious university. Yet, her journey was one marked by constant battles against institutional racism and microaggressions.


From her first step into academia, Dr. Ma’at faced doubting students and colleagues who, clouded by prejudice, often questioned her credentials and intellectual capabilities. For two decades, she grappled with being underestimated, marginalized, and sidelined. Despite her unwavering excellence, she was often overlooked for opportunities and resources that were readily granted to her less-qualified counterparts.


These years of continuous struggle took a toll on her mental and emotional well-being. However, rather than letting these experiences break her, Dr. Ma’at took a sabbatical and embarked on a spiritual journey, consuming research on melanin science and African spiritual practices. Here, she was introduced to age-old philosophies, meditation techniques, and holistic wellness practices that not only rejuvenated her spirit but also offered her a renewed sense of purpose.


Deeply inspired by these teachings, Dr. Ma’at began weaving them with her own experiences, crafting a unique approach to wellness tailored for Black women who had faced similar adversities. She realized that the power and resiliencies of Black women had always been there; it just needed discovery, affirmation, and cultivation.


Returning from sabbatical, she founded "Black Dot Institute", a spiritual enlightenment and wellness initiative dedicated to helping Black women recognize and embrace their innate power. Through workshops, retreats, and one-on-one sessions, Dr. Ma’at and her team offer tools for self-awareness, resilience-building, and power management.


Black Dot Institute is a sanctuary, providing a safe space to heal, grow, and flourish. Dr. Ma’at's methods combined the wisdom of ancient spiritual practices with contemporary therapeutic techniques, emphasizing the beauty, power, and potential of Black womanhood.


By channeling her painful experiences into a force for positive change, Dr. Ma’at has not only uplifted her own spirit but has also illuminated the path for countless others, reminding them of the limitless power they hold within.





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