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Women Advancing Transformational
Equity Research


Why WATER Center

The necessity for integrating research into community-based health initiatives, as facilitated by Women Advancing Transformation Equity Research (WATER), is predicated on several key factors that collectively contribute to the enhancement of equitable and transformational health engagement with Black women.

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Here It Goes . . .

Traditional models of healthcare delivery often lack the granular focus required to address the unique intersectional determinants that influence Black women's health outcomes at a community level. In light of this, community-based organizations emerge as vital players, deeply embedded in the local context and trusted by Black women. However, some organizations frequently operate with constrained resources and limited access to specialized knowledge in transformative research methodologies and interventions, thereby inhibiting their ability to provide evidence-based solutions that truly address Black women's health in context.

WATER's services are pivotal in addressing this lacuna. We amplify our partners' capacity to create targeted, transformative, effective, and data-driven interventions. This synergy between transformation, empirical rigor, and engagement with Black women serves to elevate the quality of services provided, making them not only more impactful but also equitable. We help pinpoint systemic inequalities and gaps in research and in healthcare access and delivery, enabling the design of interventions that are both culturally grounded and economically equitable.

Furthermore, transformative scientific research acts as a robust tool to continually assess the efficacy of community interventions for Black women and pivot strategies as needed. This iterative process is instrumental in actualizing transformational change, as it ensures that interventions are not static but evolves in accordance with shifts in Black women's health assets and needs and research and healthcare advancements.

Water Drops

WATER powers up organizations to secure funding and forge partnerships with stakeholders, including government bodies and philanthropic organizations, who are increasingly demanding evidence-based practices as a precondition for financial support.


This augments the sustainability and scalability of these community-based initiatives.

The specialized consultative services offered by WATER fulfill a critical need by intertwining research methodologies with community health initiatives, thereby contributing substantially to the development of more informed, equitable, and transformational approaches to community health engagement.

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