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Bridging Body, Mind, Spirit in Black Women's Health

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Black Dot Institute (BDI)  is a pioneering transformative organization that encompasses programs, services, and research in Black women's health that synergizes with metaphysical healing to wholistically enhance Black women's health outcomes and overall wellness.


We are dedicated to affirming, supporting, and growing Black women's voice, authenticity, intuitive connectivity, and personal power for spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being.


BDI's work is informed by and promoted through its divisions -  Women Advancing Transformative Equity Research Center (WATER)Center for African American Health Disparities Education and Research (CAAHDER), and  Metaphysical Healing.

Our Mission


Supporting and sustaining  Black women's authentic expression of personal power, agency, and alternative healing.


Enhance understanding of the relationships among authenticity, personal power, alternative healing, and Black women's health


Develop sustainable collaborations and partnerships to help inform our work, broaden our reach, and to sustain our efforts.

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